Fujitsu NiMh AA Rechargeable High Capacity

Fujitsu NiMh AA Rechargeable High Capacity

Fujitsu NiMh AA Rechargeable High Capacity


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The Fujitsu NiMH AA Rechargeable High Capacity will last longer than the standard battery. They have a high energy capacity and a slow discharge and can recharge up to 500 times throughout their lifecycle. This is far more than most batteries especially in terms of high-capacity batteries. Since the battery lasts longer it won’t get as many recharges. The Fujitsu pro batteries are 5 times more powerful than a standard Alkaline battery, when in high consumption devices.

It’s a step above most AA batteries with capacity size and discharge time. The Fujitsu High Capacity batteries come with a full charge, ready to go. These batteries are highly suited to devices that consume a high amount of power. So rather than having to change the batteries more regularly it will give more time between battery changes. Low self-discharge means the battery will maintain 85% of charge after not being in use for a year. These batteries have a 25% increase in capacity over an ordinary battery. (2.55Ah – 2.45Ah) Bulk purchasing reduces the price of each battery.

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  • Fujitsu has developed extra high capacity NiMH batteries ideal for devices consuming a high amount of power, such as digital cameras.
  • Pre-charged and ready to go straight from the packet.
  • Up to 500 recharges.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Low self-discharge, meaning Fujitsu batteries will still be ready for use even after prolonged periods of storage – after 1 year they can retain up to 85% of their capacity.
  • Rechargeable on most standard & fast chargers produced for NiMH batteries.
  • 2550mAh Amp hour rating